How to debug unnecessary rerenders using React Hooks

August 10, 2019

UPDATE: Since posting this article (literally 5 days after), React released new and improved performance tools. Check out my revised post.

When working with class components in React I frequently utilize the shouldComponentUpdate lifecycle method to debug unnecessary rerenders, which have been the root cause of most performance issues that I have come across.

But, in the world of Hooks we do not have access to shouldComponentUpdate. And with Hooks, I’ve found that unnecessary rerenders happen even more often — so it’s important to have good debugging tactics.

Fortunately, React v16.6.0 gave us a new memo method that can be used with functional components to give us more control over rerenders, just like we’re used to with shouldComponentUpdate. Since React.memo wasn’t part of the “Hooks release”, you might not think to use it for debugging Hooks — but it is the most effective tool I’ve found so far.

The key to debugging rerenders is to use the second optional argument of React.memo which is an “isEqual” function that takes two arguments, prevProps and nextProps, and gives you control over whether a component should change. See the React docs for memo for more details.

Now with access to prevProps and nextProps, you can easily view what is changing and determine the root cause of rerenders:

const memoizedComponent = React.memo(MyComponent, 
  (prevProps, nextProps) => {

    console.log(prevProps.thing === nextProps.thing);

      When using this function you always need to return
      a Boolean. For now we'll say the props are NOT equal 
      which means the component should rerender.
    return false;

Side note: while you can use React.memo to manually prevent rerenders once you find the issue, I highly recommend dealing with the root cause — which is more often than not a prop that is being unnecessarily recreated on every render. Otherwise you’ll end up band-aiding every component with React.memo which will result in lots equality checks, plus data being stored in memory.


Another helpful tool to debug rerenders is the Profiler in DevTools. This will give you a visual indication of what is rerendering, but it is not as helpful in determining why a rerender happens.

Again, often the root cause is a prop reference that has changed, and React.memo is the only tool I’ve found that helps identify reference changes.

If you have other tools or tips for perf debugging with Hooks let me know!

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