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How to debug unnecessary rerenders in React

09 February, 2020

When developing in React, you will likely run into scenarios where components are rerendering more than you would expect; which can have a…

Building a usePubSub Hook to optimize React.Context performance

05 February, 2020

React.Context is a great tool for sharing state across your application. It allows you to avoid “prop drilling”, and doesn’t require an…

Productivity habits for software developers

29 January, 2020

Writing code is fast. And a few lines of code is capable of doing incredible things. Then why can building software take so long? While I…

Type checking JavaScript in VSCode without TypeScript

14 September, 2019

TypeScript offers amazing benefits, but at the cost of requiring additional compilation steps, and learning a new syntax. Thankfully…

Creating a useObservable React Hook

26 August, 2019

Here we’ll take a look at how to create your own Hook in React, utilizing RxJs Observables, allowing you to easily share Observables…

Testing async React Redux using Jest

18 August, 2019

In this article I’ll outline two approaches that have worked well for me when testing React component logic that is tied to async Redux…

A quick overview of ES2019

03 August, 2019

ES2019 gives us several new features. Here I’ll provide an overview of the major ones — along with any gotchas to be aware of — and provide…

How to replace a git branch with a new codebase

14 September, 2018

If you’re in a situation where you need to completely replace an entire branch’s codebase (as well as commits, history, etc.) on GitHub…